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Chowtime Pizza
Delivery or Pickup Hours

Monday-Thrusday 11am-12pm

Friday & Saturday 11am-1am  

Sunday Noon-Midnight   








                                   CHOWTIME PIZZA
               2334 US Highway 70 * Swannanoa NC
* Delivery Available *
     To Black Mountain,  Swannanoa,  Oteen & Montreat 
                                     $2.00 deliverly fee per order 
                Large discounts for large orders
                      ** Prices subject to change with out Notice **

                              Pizza Menu
Hand tossed or thin crust
          Traditional Pizza, secret recipe sauce and toped with fresh Mozzarella
                  Small 10"            Medium 12"         Large 14"        Jumbo 16"
                  $7.56                  $10.22                 $12.23             $14.10
        Make your pizza a Custom Pizza Pizza $1.00 per ingredient
        Artichoke                   Green Pepper                 Onions
        Bacon                        Ground Beef                   Pepperoni
        Bannana Peppers       Ham                              Pineapple
        Black Olives               Jalapenos                      Spinich
        Broccoli                     Mushrooms                    Tomatoes
        Cheddar Cheese        Fedda Cheese                Chicken  

                                        Speciaty Pizzas 
                                   Hand Tossed or Thin Crust 

                             Small 10"            Medium 12"         Large 14"        Jumbo 16"

Everything but Anchovies   $10.96                              $15.62                     $18.41                       $21.18
Mouthwatering blend of 
all our regular toppings 

 Hawallan Pizza
Aloha! An Island Favorite of      $9.26                                $13.92                     $15.33                       $17.64 
ham, pineapple, and extra cheese

  Pizza A Plenty 
A Chowtime Classic
        $12.36                               $14.72                    $17.38                        $20.00
Onions, green peppers, ham,
pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage,
beef and extra cheese

Hold the Meat!                   $9.81                                $13.82                    $16.35                         $18.85
Onions, green peppers, 
Mushrooms, sausage, black olivies
and extra cheese 

   Meatzza Feast
Calling all Meat lovers!      $9.81                                $13.82                    $16.38                         $18.82
A hearty pie topped with ham
pepperoni, sausage, beef
& extra cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger
Just like a burger:             $9.26                                 $13.92                   $15.33                          $17.64
We top our fresh dough with
ground beef, cheddar cheese
& bacon
                        Pasta and other Good Menu Items     

Lasagna:     Just like Mama used to make! layers of our tomato sauce, fresh ricotta cheese, ground beef &   
                            Mozzarella, baked to perfection $5.99

Spaghetti:   Made right here in our kitchen! Fresh Pasta topped with our own tomato sauce, ground beef and 
                            fresh Mozzerella. $5.99

Calzones:    Fresh dough, folded over and filled with tomato sauceand mozzarella. (4 toppings) $6.89

Wings:        BBQ, Spicy, or Italian.  10pc-$6.95     20pc-$13.50    30pc-$19.95

Side Salad: $1.68  Dinner salad $3.95   $.15 per fixin

Twisty Bread: Our fresh dough toped with garlic butter served with marinara sauce $2.34

Cheesy Bread:
     Our Fresh dough topped with garlic butter, cheddar & mozzarella, served with 
                             marinara sauce $5.95

Cheesy Bread for the Whole Family: Same as above, more to share $9.97

Cheesy Bread for the Whole neughborhood: $13.62
                            Dessert Pizzas

                                                   Small                 Medium               Large          Jumbo

Smores Pizzert: Gather           $5.99                       $7.99                       $8.99             $11.99
around the campfire &
enjoy pizza dough covered
in marshmellows, chocolate 
& grahm cracker crumbles

Chocolate Pizzert: It's our         $5.99                        $7.99                        $8.99              $11.99 
origional favorite. We top 
our fresh pizza dough with
cake batter, chocolate chips 
& run it through the oven!

Classic Cinnamon Sticks: 
We top our own dough with butter, cinnamon sugar, Baked to Perfection $2.34  
          We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and good old fashon cash!
                                            Delivery Avilable
                          $2.00 delivery fee per order
                                    Large discounts for large orders
Disclaimer: This is a fan of  Chowtime Pizza web page. We injoy the food and we believe you will too. They are located in Swannanoa across from Ingles. They do both delivery and walkins.  Prices are subject to change. 

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