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David Creasman Jewelry
                               Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority  !








Asheville Pet Crematory




       David Creasman Jewelry
                       Makers of Fine Jewelry

    We offer many Engravable Items & Services

                 Expert Watch Repair Services
                                Replace Battery & Reseal
                                Replace Button and Stem 
                                Watchstraps & Bracelets
          Hands Replacement

                     Beautiful Watches for work and Play                 
                                                Your Favorite Team "Watch"
                            Everyone loves a Beautiful Time Piece 


           Wonderful Earings, Bracelets and Rings for your Special Someone!     



                                                     Beautiful Home Accessories                                    

    Disclaimer:  The Products shown are just examples of the types of merchandise David Creaseman carries. Often the Examples shown are not in stock because Davids inventory changes as new products come out.
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