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Premium Memorial Package
                 Premium Cremation Package
We are offering a Premium Cremation Package in Memory of Our Mary who passed on 5/13/2010.

Our Premium Cremation Package includes a Private Cremation, a beautiful Highly Polished Wooden Urn,  Polished Engraved Name Plate,  and a Memorial Paw Print of your deceased pet.  

The Premium Service includes free pickup with in 50 miles of Asheville, and free deliveiry back to your home with in 7 days.   We Pickup 7 days a week, Home, Work or Vet's Office at no Charge! 


          Highly Polished Wooden Urn with Engraved Name Plate  
                                          & Memorial  Paw Print
                                           Premium Cremation Package Prices
                                             1-25 Lbs                                   $164
                                          26-50 Lbs                                   $176
                                         51-100Lbs                                   $194                 
                                       101-200Llbs                                 $238

With a Private Cremation, your pet is cremated by it's self. It is very respectful and you get your ashes and only your pets ashes back.  This is a Private Cremation Special that we feel would be hard to beat.   
Pets are more than just animals. They are a special loving member of the family. And we wanted pet owners to have more than just a complementary tin box or cheap looking plastic box  as supplied by other crematories. These beautful Urns will hold the ashes of your special member of your family whether on the bookshelf, or the fireplace mantle.  Their Loving Name forever on the Urn.
And the Unique Paw Print will become a cherished keepsake.

                                                                     You are so missed !

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