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Urns and Keepsakes
       Crematiom Urns, Jewelry and Keepsakes
When your pet's cremation is complete, we place the remains in our signature highly polished wooden urn and they are returned to in 5-7 business days.

Pets are more than just animals. They are a special loving member of the family. And often the pet owner wants more than just a complementary plastic or tin box as supplied by most crematories.  North Carolina is rich in artistic craftsmanship and we are constantly on the look-out to find quality, beautiful urns for your beloved pet.  These beautiful urns will hold the ashes of this special member of your family whether on the bookshelf, or the fireplace mantle. This will be come a cherished keepsake. 

   Ask us about our special pricing on engraving and our special Photo Keepsakes !


    We have a special relationship with Shine On Britely, a supplier of locally handcrafted Urns, Jewelry and  Keepsakes to remember  your special pet.  Please visit their webpage, and contact us for assistance with your cremation needs.   

Pictured to the left are our signature highly Polished Wooden Urns. 
For a small additional fee, we are able to provide engraved brass plates to personalize these urns.

Please note, we are working on increasing our Wooden Urn selection.

Hand-crafted by a local potter just for pet cremation. Beautiful and very popular. 


Speckles of bronze and gold peek through in the gorgeous glaze on this porcelain Urn. It stands majestically in it's elegant simplicity.


Classic Wooden Urn by Bill Dean

These one -of -a-kind cremation Urns are hand turned on a lathe and then dried and finished. Every Urn has a urethane finish that penetrates the wood to assure longevity and preserve the natural beauty.


"Onyx Memorial"  by JR Page

This piece is hand-crafted from white stoneware. It combines modern technique with an ancient Japanese firing method. No two of these Raku Urns are alike.   A true treasure!


"Pure Perfection"  by Louis Colombarini

The carvings/texture in this covered cremation urn help define its lovely classic shape.  Its roundness conveys a feeling of being held or cradled safely.    For animals 200 lbs or more.

Memorial Jewelry    Availability Usually ships in: 3-4 weeks

"Oval silver Heirloom Pendant"

This beautifully crafted pendant contains the signature refined mastery of this artist/designer with remains carefully inlaid on 23.5 karat gold, covered with the glass, and delicately framed in sterling silver scalloped edges             Price $430.00

 "Center of the Galaxy Pendant" 

"Oval silver Heirloom Pendant"


 Soft ripples of blue and green are punctuated by light reflecting off golden flecks. Ashes swirl around the center of this amazing pendent. The back has its own distinctive design, making it like two unique pieces in one. When you place an order, you will receive a sterilized vial with instructions to send ashes to us.        Price: $190.00

"Vortex Pendant"

It features a black background with fine silver fumed into borosilicate glass creating a bluish tint. Ashes swirl around a vortex, producing a galaxy-like effect. When you place an order, you will receive a sterilized vial with instructions to send ashes to us.   Price: $190.00

"Spiral of Life or Vortex Bracelet"

Vortex bracelets, with 24-karat gold, have a soft pink glow. Spiral of Life bracelets, with gold and silver, have a blue-green hue. Call and we will explain how to measure for proper fit.   









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